These days, everyone knows that bullying is a big problem. Canada is full of nice people. Unfortunately, the rate of bullying in Canada is among the highest in the industrial world.  Clearly we need to deal with this.

it is time to stop bullyingIt is not your imagination – incidents of bullying both in schools and in organizations have seen a steep increase over the past decade. It is becoming an epidemic. Our society cannot absorb this much abuse without being significantly affected by it.

It seems that every day we hear about another incident in our schools, online, and among groups of teens.1 in 3 teenagers report experiencing occasional or frequent bullying. In a recent international study, Canada ranked as having the 9th highest rate of adolescent bullying. Sometimes it seems like we will never stop bullying from hurting our kids.

Schoolyard bullying has been linked to significant and long lasting social, physical health, and mental health costs. Students who are bullied are sick more often, become socially isolated, and are at a significantly higher risk of suicide. Doesn’t this make you mad? We find it very frustrating.

But did you know that workplace bullying is even more common than bullying in schools?  According to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, 40% of Canadian workers experience bullying on a weekly basis. 40%!  

Organizational bullying costs companies millions of dollars every year in lost productivity, increased absenteeism and stress leave, loss of innovation, and high employee turnover.  

Bullying in Canada is a ticking time bomb. Isn’t it time we did something to stop bullying?

We, at
A World Without Bullying, specialize in all aspect of organization-based bullying. We firmly believe that the only way to combat bullying is by tackling it at the organizational level.  

Whether we look at schools, businesses, government agencies, or any other organization – no place is immune. 


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